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Our Hard Working Team

Brendon Petrika | Owner | House Engineer 

My Name Is Brendon Petrika and Im a Qualified Audio Engineer located in Taylors Lakes, Melbourne.

I have been involved in the music industry for 10+ years, and continue to pursue my passion. From Djning & being signed to a label at 12, to now owning a recording studio, being a producer and artist, my love for music grows everyday. 

I do everything to make sure that each project is an enjoyable experience for you. Here at Brnz Studios I will give you the best, most exciting and efficient experience possible. I ensure to dedicated providing the best quality services for every one of your projects.

I like to keep everything I do fresh, which is why I use my knowledge of best practices, my skills and experience, not to mention the most modern equipment out there, to create sounds everyone wants to hear over and over again.

Brnz Studios is in the business of creating and delivering the very finest in sound quality and for your next project, I promise exactly the same.
Take a look at my services and contact me with your audio needs.
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